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Producers of books, albums and print products for photographers worldwide. All products are handmade in New Zealand.
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David with his Queensberry book We get to see many beautiful stories at Queensberry, and sometimes we need to share them.David Edmonson and his son Luke, both multi-award winning wedding, portrait and commercial photographers, are based in Dallas Texas.After a major health challenge David decided to take on a personal project, which this lovely book documents.I’ve don’t usually take books and albums home with me, but I just had to spend some time with this one, absorbing the images, reading the compelling words he uses to describe them, and the messages he wants his children and To View More >>

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Ever since digital replaced film as the photographers’ tool of choice, there’s been a rapid rise in reported cases of Photographer’s Herd Instinct Disease (PHID). Like other herd behaviors (buffalo grazing, people drinking Kool-Aid®, etc.) the symptoms of PHID include needing to hang out with the rest of the herd, think the same thoughts and do the same things. PHID is viral and highly contagious, and affects wedding and portrait photographers in particular. Although often transmitted through direct photographer-to-photographer contact, recent studies suggest that To View More >>

“This project simply reminds us of how fragile we are. Many cultures portray men as strong – physically and emotionally.” When Ilan from Ilan Wittenberg Photography set out to create his exhibition piece, “The Bare Truth”, he hoped he would break down this stigma and expose and reveal the real man through a series of raw black and white images. “One of the goals of this project is to give men freedom to express their feelings and connect to their emotions. This fresh look at men is an eye opening opportunity to see the real people without the To View More >>

Last week we were enjoying drinks and nibbles with some photographers in the Design Space, and they asked, why all the pictures on the walls? The short answer: We’re visual people and we need visual prompts. The long answer: It’s part of our design process. We fill walls with things that inspire us, projects we’re working on and ideas for the future. They remind us what we’re up to and where we’re going.Workspace has been our main focus as designers this year. We’re a small team, and it seemed a daunting task. “Where do we start?” we thought To View More >>

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Pawena spent her childhood in the countryside of Thailand surrounded by nature. Her usual day when not in school was playing with the materials she found in nature around her — wooden sticks, clay and mud. A self-defining memory from her childhood. To create something that represents your true self is a beautiful thing. Each bespoke piece completely unique, and not just telling a story, but your story. Melissa x View Pawena Studio pieces here. Credits: A film by Felicia Manning |  Camera: Joseph Gonzales |  febrandfilms.com To View More >>

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