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Sonya Baugh

David with his Queensberry book We get to see many beautiful stories at Queensberry, and sometimes we need to share them.David Edmonson and his son Luke, both multi-award winning wedding, portrait and commercial photographers, are based in Dallas Texas.After a major health challenge David decided to take on a personal project, which this lovely book documents.I’ve don’t usually take books and albums home with me, but I just had to spend some time with this one, absorbing the images, reading the compelling words he uses to describe them, and the messages he wants his children and To View More >>

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Stephen and I have just returned from the NZIPP conference in Queenstown, one of the most beautiful locations in New Zealand. InFocus is a smaller, more intimate affair than most of the events we go to, and I’m sorry to say we haven’t attended personally for some years … but they welcomed us with open arms, as if we hadn’t missed a day. It was inspiring — a time to take a step back, learn, and hear about our industry from the photographer's point of view. Like all tribes, this one has its elders, and we sat and listened to To View More >>

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“A picture is worth a thousand words; A fine art print so much more.” - Steve Denby My daughter Alexandria has just returned from a trip through South East Asia. Stephen and I had been waiting impatiently at home for updates, occasionally getting a few photos on Facebook and Instagram — her way of checking in, letting us know that everything was okay. When she returned we could finally look through all her photographs. A computer filled with images, captured moments, potentially some of her favorite memories. It just didn’t feel right though. There's To View More >>

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Last week we shipped the very first real live order for our new medium-weight lay-flat Q Books. Not a prototype, not a concept drawing or trial album, but our very first, real live order. These lay-flats were just a part of our 2015 launch, our biggest in years, with new cover materials, new panoramic flushmounts and much more. We showed them first at WPPI and SWPP, but despite our own excitement and the enthusiastic response, we’ve resisted shipping the lay-flats until now. Why? To make them perfect they needed a little extra love, so we went back to the drawing board. The last To View More >>

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The first time I truly understand the power behind a brand name…I'm pulled over in Customs to be searched (I've obviously forgotten to take my nail file out of my make-up bag again – It happens far too often!)I open my bag and they start their search. The security guy is rummaging around my bag and unpacking it, naming everything as it came out, "Make up bag… novel… album…" So I stop him right there. "How do you know it's an album?" (It's in a Queensberry box.) "Oh," he said, "we see these boxes coming through all the time, we just To View More >>

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