Album Packaging

Album and Book Presentation

Unless you choose to upgrade, all books and albums are supplied in our standard packaging. If you wish to upgrade please specify your selection in Photojunction or Workspace when you place your order. These products cannot be purchased independently.

Standard album presentation

Unless you choose to upgrade, Flushmount, Overlay Matted and Duo albums are presented in our standard soft suede bag and grey presentation box. Photo Books are supplied with the grey bag only.

Refined over the years, our silk-screened box has been a popular feature of our range since 1995. It combines two graphic elements, a 17th Century Italian calligraphic text, and a series of leaf and heraldic devices including our own Cherub.

Designer Album Box

You can upgrade to Designer Boxes for all Photo Books, and for Albums up to size 14x10 (for 15x12 and 18x12 sizes, select Display Boxes instead). You can order Designer Boxes plain or embossed — either Companion embossing (same as on the album) or Studio embossing. Designer Album Boxes are available in all our Buckrams and Linens. Choose a colour to suit the album or to align with your brand. You can view pricing for Designer Album Boxes here.

Carry Cases and Display Boxes

Display Boxes are available as an optional extra for album formats 10x10 and larger. They are similar in construction to our Premium Boxes, and available in Carbon (black) or Ivory Buckram. As with Designer Boxes, embossing is an optional extra. 

Carry Cases are available for album formats 12x12 and larger. They're offered in a durable black fabric with a practical carry handle. They cannot be embossed.

These products are not available for Photo Books. You can view pricing here.