Matted prints

AssembleMatted Prints

Everything we do is about adding value to your photography … to help sell your art, your craft, your intellectual property, your time! Matting a work of art is a powerful, longstanding way to express its worth.

Order your Silve Halide Lustre or Fine Art Inkjet prints in fully assembled mats. Our mats come in two sizes 10x8 and 14x11 (this refers to the outside dimension of the mat). When ordering you'll be given the option to customise the image size within the mat.

The Matted Prints will be delivered with the print mountein place, ready to dispay. You can frame these if you wish or display them on your coffee table, bookshelves or on an easle.  

As well as loose, you can order Matted Prints to be delivered in a Folio Box, read about those here. 


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