A simple, contemporary moulding. Multiple colours and sizes up to 40x30. Matted or un-matted. Fine Art and True Photographic printing. Floating prints, canvases and more. Multi-aperture templates too. Delivered to your studio or direct to your client. Sharp prices, no extra charge for shipping, and great hands-off service for the photographer.

Multiple colours and sizes to choose from. High-impact wall art … frame groupings … multi-aperture frames … bookshelves and sideboards … homes and offices. We have sizes, shapes and colours for every purpose and any decor.

Over 20 sizes ranging up to 40x30. Frames are specified in inches. Also available: A5 through A1. See the full range of sizes in Workspace.

Moulding colours: White, Black, Silver, Warm Metallic, Oak Wood Grain, Dark Grey Wood Grain. Two mat options: black or white.

Four frame styles: We offer standard matted and un-matted styles. Also available: • Fine Art prints mounted floating in the frame with torn edges; • Unglazed, un-matted frames for Canvas or texturised Lustre printing. Click here for glazing details, including UV-protective upgrades.

Our frames are sold printed and ready to hang. Choose from our range of beautiful print options: True Photographic Lustre (silver halide). Fine Art (inkjet) — Fine Art Paper or 100% Cotton Rag (smooth or textured). Canvas printing is also available. We offer colour correction as an optional extra.

Sell frames online with Workspace Image Galleries and Print Shop.

Service Times: Our frames are handmade on a regular weekly cycle. Colour correcting your files requires more time. In peak seasons service times may change. You can keep up to date with our current service times and order deadlines here.


Photographers and designers only. Login to view pricing and order products.


What do you mean by Frame Size?

"Frame size" means the dimensions of the mat that fits the frame, not the size of the print or the moulding. Queensberry frames are sold fully assembled (including the print) so you don't need to worry about getting dimensions wrong. Just select the frame size you want in Workspace and the available mat and print options will be displayed. Drag and drop your image into the aperture you've chosen, crop if necessary and you're done.

How do I order a Frame?

Login to Workspace and open an image gallery. Click on the image you want to frame and click “Buy >> buy products with selected images”.

Alternatively, click Frames under Buy in the main Workspace navigation. Choose your frame size and finish option (matted or un-matted). If matted you'll be able to choose a mat template with the print/aperture size you prefer. You'll also be able to change the printing option (eg silver halide or fine art) and frame colour. Adjust cropping and reframe if necessary. Then add more items to your cart, or place your order and pay on checkout.

How do I find prices?

Once your account is approved you can get instant cost estimates for all of our products using our price calculators in Workspace. Click "Prices" in the main Workspace navigation, select "Other Product Prices", then click the tab for Q Frames. The price calculators display our current prices, but please treat them as an estimate only as there may be extra charges or taxes to consider … and you may also qualify for discounts! Prices include shipping.

What discounts do you offer?

We now offer 25% sample discount on frames. Regular customers can also earn Tier Discount on their frame purchases. Normal conditions apply. Simply order as normal in the Workspace Shopping Cart, but before paying, enter one of the following Promo Codes (each code can be used only once, and only to order the relevant product): Frames: use SMPF1, SMPF2 or SMPF3. 

I want something different, can you do this?

We'd love to hear your feedback about additional sizes etc. Or perhaps you're after a mat template we don't offer. Email and describe the frame size and aperture arrangement you'd like, eg four 3x3 apertures in a 14x14 frame. No promises, but we're definitely here to listen.



Studio Boxes

An affordable matted print box you can personalise. Add a flashdrive or buy in bulk.


Fine Art Prints

For demanding photographers. Inkjet Fine-Art prints on museum quality papers.



Even more photographs, pages and affordable prices. More...



Archival standard, incredible detail and stunning colour in our canvases.