Over the last fifty years Queensberry has created many albums featuring household names in business, politics, entertainment and the arts. We are sensitive to the fact that customers may require certainty about the confidentiality and privacy of their imagery if we are to meet their needs.

We understand our clients' desire for privacy and discretion, and have never been responsible for - or accused of - breaching confidentiality.

On a few occasions we have been asked to sign confidentiality agreements. We do not do so because very often the potential risk associated with the damages and indemnification that would be claimed in the event of a breach would be very substantial, and out of scale with any profit we would make in producing the album.

Instead we trade on our reputation, and offer you these assurances:

Unless we have your express permission we will not duplicate, print or distribute any images from any specific event except for the purposes of fulfilling our work for you. Nor will we publish them, make sample books from them or use them in any way for any other purpose unless we have permission to do so.

That is our policy regarding all work we undertake, but for added assurance we have instituted a separate, controlled workflow to ensure confidentiality, which is available by request.

Within that workflow, only those involved in the actual work (eg design, colour correction, printing and assembly) will be informed about or have access to the images. The work will be undertaken under the direct supervision of the relevant managers.

All our staff sign a confidentiality agreement as part of their terms of employment, but the need for confidentiality will be reinforced to all those involved in each case. Any print copies etc will be destroyed, and once you and your clients have approved the finished book, we will remove the files from our servers on request. We will take all reasonable steps to ensure that prints, files, personal details etc are not leaked, stolen or sold to the press.

A surcharge will apply for this service. Please contact us to see how we can meet your individual needs.