Which shots did they love the most?

The ones they chose to be printed, protected and beautifully presented in these boxes. Perfect for portraits of every kind.




Studio Box (for matted prints)

One-piece lid, available in an assortment of colours in Buckram, Linen and Micro Leather — also a dramatic printed canvas. Sizes for 14x11 and 10x8 mats, each with a range of templates. Add personal or studio embossing. Lustre (true photographic), Fine Art (inkjet) or Offset printing. Supplied fully assembled with prints, or you can empty Buckrams or Linen boxes, and packs of slip-in mats, to assemble with prints in your studio.

Premium Box for Matted Prints


Premium Box for Matted Prints

Premium Box (for matted prints)

A beautiful split-lid design, fastened with a hidden magnetic catch. Available in Buckrams and Linens.  Sizes for 14x11 and 10x8 mats, each with a range of templates. Add personal or studio embossing. Lustre (true photographic), Fine Art (inkjet) or Offset printing. Supplied fully assembled with prints, ready for your clients.




Print Box (for loose prints)

Our hand-made Print Boxes will accept up to 300 loose silver halide (photographic) prints, either 7.5x5 or 6x4. Designed to keep your images safe, ready to share, and looking great, on a coffee table or book shelf.


How do I become a customer?

Queensberry distributes only through professional photographers and album designers, so you'll need an approved Workspace account before you can see our prices or order our products and services. Workspace is free to place wholesale orders with Queensberry, including album design and proofing, but you will need a paid plan if you want to set up and share your own galleries and shopping carts. Click here to register.

How do I order boxes?

Once your account is approved, log in to Workspace and click “Buy” in the main navigation, then “Boxes for Matted Prints” or "Print Boxes". You’ll be taken through a step-by-step process to place your order, including selecting the cover material, embossing options and extras, and uploading the image files. You'll need to pay upfront for your order, which will go into production immediately. To watch an in-depth video click here.

How do I find prices?

Once your account is approved you can get instant cost estimates for all of our products using our price calculators in Workspace. Click "Prices" in the main Workspace navigation, select "Other Product Prices", then click the tab for the specific product category you're interested in. If you select specific details like embossing type, cover material etc the calculator will work out the total price in your local currency. The price calculators display our current prices, but please treat them as an estimate only as there may be extra charges or taxes to consider … and you may also qualify for discounts

What about colour correction services?

Queensberry offers an optional premium colour correction service. A small charge applies depending on the size of the print. If you're doing your own image editing and sending files that are ready to print, please ensure that your monitor is correctly calibrated and that you follow appropriate colour management routines for predictable, high quality printing. Click here for more about colour management, our colour correction services and prices.

What cover options do you offer?

Our Loose Print Boxes are available in all of our Buckram colours. Studio Boxes and Premium Boxes are available in all our Buckram and Linen colours. Studio Boxes also have the option to have a dramatic printed Canvas covers. View the cover options by clicking the Find Out More links for each product above. 

Studio sample discounts

We offer new customers 25% discount on up to three Display Samples from our Box ranges. Simply order your box as normal in the Workspace Shopping Cart, and before paying enter one of the following Promo Codes: SMPB1, SMPB2 or SMPB3. Each code can be used only once, and only to order Studio, Premium or Print Boxes; bulk orders do not qualify.

Regular clients earn an allowance towards additional display samples, as a percentage of previous purchases (please contact Client Support to find out your entitlement).

Sample discount cannot be claimed in conjunction with other discounts. Samples may be imprinted with "Display Sample - not for resale".

What are the turn-around times on these products?

Follow this link to see the service times for each album type. Please treat these times as estimates. Queensberry products are hand-made, and the volume of orders varies week to week, and seasonally, which means production times can change. 

Can you ship directly to my clients?

Workspace allows you to send products directly to your clients in both the wholesale and retail shopping carts. For boxes and print products, once you've set up your order and are ready to check out, just check the “Send directly to client” radio button. Enter their address details and we’ll ship the goods directly to them. Another hassle taken care of! Dropship orders do not include any invoices or paperwork that will indicate the wholesale cost of the order.

Note: Drop shipping is normally only available when your clients are in the same country as you. If so, there is no extra charge for the service. If your clients are not in the same country just add a note to your order and, if possible, we’ll sort something out for you. However you may need to pay additonal shipping costs.



Coastal linens – Now available in Studio Boxes

You’ve asked and we’ve answered! Two new cover materials are available on our Studio Boxes and Portrait albums. Perfect for babies, boudoir, and beach-side weddings.


A guide to slip-in Mats

Matted prints are proving to be a great sales tools within the professional photographer community, and since Sue Bryce introduced her 'reveal wall' sales technique, photographers have been jumping on this for their own studios.


The perfect matched set

Together, Studio Boxes and Portrait Albums make a beautiful matched set — a great outcome for your clients, and a perfect value-add for the proud photographer.


Also perfect for puppies 

Canvas covers look great – especially when you add two adorable puppies to the mix. Take a look at this super cute Studio Box we've made for Megan Graham Photography.


Premium vs Studio Boxes – What's the difference?

Premium Boxes, Studio Boxes, Print Boxes — what are the differences?


Bulk ordering boxes and Mats 

Bulk ordering means your clients can walk away from the sales session with their purchase in hand.