Production Times

Estimated turnaround times for processing and production (January - October)

Queensberry products are hand-made to order, and the volume of orders we receive varies week to week and seasonally — which means production times can and do change. Quality issues with image files, or in production, sometimes also cause delays.

For all those reasons please treat the following delivery times as estimates. This page will be updated regularly to give you a good indication of the current turnaround times.

Scroll down for more about shipping times, order confirmation and payment, and queries.

Click here to track estimated delivery dates on specific orders (orders already in production).

Photo albums

ORDER PROCESSING (the time it normally takes for us to respond to your order)

If we're designing the album: expect to receive the initial draft design from QBY in 2-4 working days. 

If you're designing the album yourself: expect to receive your order confirmation and request for payment within 1 working day.

TIME IN PRODUCTION (starts when the order has been confirmed and paid for)

Flushmount Albums: currently 10 working days

Overlay Matted albums: currently 12 working days

Duo albums: currently 12 working days

Loose prints

If Queensberry is colour correcting the files: add an extra 1-3 working days to the following times:

12x8 and smaller: 1-2 working days (orders placed before 10am NZT generally leave the same day, but certainly the next).

Larger than 12x8: 2-3 working days

Bulk print orders: 2-3 working days

Foamboard mounted prints: 4-6 working days

Boxes, matted prints and wall art

Loose Matted Prints: currently 5 working days

Premium and Studio Boxes (including bulk orders): currently 8 working days

Loose Print Boxes: currently 6 working days

Canvases: currently 10 working days

Frames: currently 10 working days

Shipping times etc

Shipping times: Generally you should allow an extra 1-3 days for shipping within New Zealand, 2-3 days to Australia and North America, 3-4 days to Europe. We cannot guarantee shipping times. How to track a shipment.

Confirmation and payment (book & albums only): Please look out for our emailed requests for confirmation and payment of book and album orders. Orders cannot go into production until they are confirmed and paid for.

Queries: We do our best not to delay delivery of orders that are queried or changed by either you or QBY, but queries can add additional days to turn-around times.

Peak times: At peak times of year, especially the end-of-year holiday season, our sales volumes increase 3-4 times. Our staff push hard to get the work out, but our service times do extend. We will update this page with any changes, but from October to December our times do extend out after cut off orders are processed. While our cut-off dates are "guidelines, not deadlines", we recommend finalising your end of year orders as early as possible.