Queensberry | Print Boxes (Un-matted Prints)

Print Boxes

Print Boxes
Up to 300 precious photographs safe
and looking great

If you want to offer your clients lots of images they'll love our hand-made print boxes. They're designed to keep their favourite images safe, and ready to be enjoyed, whether sharing with friends and family, in quiet reflection, or just looking great on a coffee table or book shelf.

Print Boxes

These simple case boxes have a fold-over lid fastened with a hidden magnetic catch, and a narrow white ribbed ribbon to help lift out the prints. Covers are available in all our Buckram colours. Embossing is not available.  

Print boxes are available in two sizes to take 7.5x5" and 6x4" prints (190x127 and 152x102mm). They come in four depths for up to 100, 150, 200 or 300 Lustre Silver Halide prints. Other print options are not available.

The feature you may like best? We do the work, not you! Order the box and prints as a complete unit in Workspace. Just upload your images and in two weeks we’ll deliver a beautifully printed box of prints, ready for your clients. 


Photographers and designers only. Login to view pricing and order products.



Studio Boxes

An affordable matted print box you can personalise. Add a flashdrive or buy in bulk.


Fine Art Prints

For demanding photographers. Inkjet Fine-Art prints on museum quality papers.


Flushmount Albums

Our Flushmount Albums are un-matted and allow maximum choice and designability.


Q Books

Luxury Q Books, with so many creative ways to personalise…