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Alexandria Baugh

To us, an album is a purchase that matters. A personal treasure about a special moment in time. To enjoy, to share and to pass on. But in a changing world we understand that not everyone wants a grand album, and that for many of us our tastes and lifestyles have moved towards “smaller is better”. That’s why we’ve been focusing on how our product range can accommodate this trend ... and re-imagining our Portrait Album. We've taken the good parts of that range (streamlined workflow, simple unbundled offering, competitive pricing, fast delivery) and brought new To View More >>

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Our  Loose Print Boxes  have had a bit of a makeover and we’re excited to announce a bunch of lovely new options so you can deliver your clients’ prints in a personalised handmade print box. And they’re fast and affordably priced! We’ve introduced the same personalisation options as we offer in our  Studio Boxes  (for matted prints), such as bow closures and USB inserts, and you’ll be able to add a blind- or foil-embossing of your studio logo, your clients’ names, or something unique like a text quote or a graphic, to every box To View More >>

Better emails for everyone! Most of us take great care over our “marketing”, like newsletters, special offers, advertising etc, but in a way what tells people the most about us are the little day to day interactions that we barely think about. Like our answerphone messages or our auto-reply email! Workspace sends out lots of automated emails — for example when you share galleries with your clients, when clients receive their digital downloads, or when they purchase products in your shopping cart. They’re a reflection of you — and us — and we want To View More >>

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Beautiful delivery at every step... We've been rolling out updates to the automated emails that Workspace sends out when you share online galleries with your clients, when your client requests image downloads, or when your client places an order from these galleries.  When your clients' image galleries are ready to view Once a gallery is set up to your liking you can share the gallery with your client. Your client will receive a beautiful automated email using the template above,  which invites them to view their images.  The cover image for the collection To View More >>

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“Take the first step and we'll go the extra mile" has always been a core value at Queensberry. Today we're going a few steps further for the people who deserve our support the most, our regular clients: 1. We’re increasing our Tier Discounts to regular customers by 250% — 2-1/2 times more discount than before! Click here for Tier Discount rates, and how they work.  2. Regular clients can now order their studio sample products at 40% discount all year round. No need to wait for our special offers to save. What this means is that if you’re a regular client you never To View More >>

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