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Alexandria Baugh

Covid is still bringing all of us new and unique challenges — from unexpected lockdowns to supply chain issues — which means we need to play safe this year, and take a conservative approach to our end of year deadlines. So you can guarantee the smiling faces of your clients this holiday season! In the past we've always stressed that these are guidelines, not deadlines, but this year we do encourage you to get your orders in by the following dates, to ensure we can deliver them before the holidays. Our orders go up 3-400% before Christmas, and, since most of what we do is handmade to To View More >>

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We're glad to announce that Afterpay (known as Clearpay in the UK) is now supported in Workspace Client Galleries and Print Shop. Afterpay is a payment method that allows your customers to "buy now and pay later". It's particularly popular among ecommerce businesses, and, according to Afterpay, the buy now, pay later approach maximises customer purchasing power. Their retailers report as much as a 50% increase in average order value, and 2-3x more units per transaction. Read on to learn more! What is Afterpay (Clearpay)? Afterpay gives your customers a way to pay To View More >>

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Are you a freelance creative looking for a space to work in and collaborate with others? Are you tired of working from home? Keen to connect with like minds in related fields? If that sounds like you, Queensberry's Co-Working Space might be what you’re looking for! A unique position has opened up for us, which means we now have an amazing office space to fill in Glen Eden, West Auckland. Our goal is to fill a creative hub with designers, social media marketing experts, content creators, photographers and others. A bunch of people keen to build their own businesses of course, but who can To View More >>

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We very rarely share the positive reviews we receive from our clients but the other day we received a pretty special one from one of our new Print Shop users, Damien Lovegrove. He's a "go for it" guy who'd launched his store within a week of deciding to use Print Shop, and within days of that made his first large format canvas sale. We're sharing his review for two reasons: It offers great advice for anyone starting out — why he chose the platform, and the challenges he faced when setting it up. If you're already using Print Shop we'd love your thoughts over on the insider about what features To View More >>

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Queensberry only sell to approved professional photographers and album designers. However we do get lots of enquiries from people wanting their own album, often to celebrate a wedding, reunion, new babe, family photo shoot or travel adventure. We'd like to help you if we can, so here are two ways to order a Queensberry album if you're not a professional photographer.  Talk to your photographer If the photos you want to use were taken by a professional photographer we can only use them if your photographer places the order on your behalf or with the photographer's written permission. So start To View More >>

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