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This is the blog for professional photographers, and those who aspire to be. Our aim is to help professional photographers build long-term, sustainable careers.
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I've just finished re-watching Barry Schwartz's Ted Talk on The Paradox of Choice. He makes this very important point: Too much choice produces paralysis. Offer people too much choice and they'll find it very difficult to choose at all. Yes, at Queensberry we offer a lot of choice! We know that. We do it because every photographer is different. And we agree, as Barry Schwartz says, that it can be difficult to get your head around. But … if you want to sell products, you need to make the effort, not leave it to your customers.  As our designer friend Donna says, to run a design To View More >>

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We've made changes to the Workspace Client Gallery setting "Viewers must register" after some great feedback in our Facebook group, The Insider. Until now if you turned on the "Viewers must register" gallery setting, visitors had to create an "account" before they could view a gallery. The setting was optional, and its purpose was to track who was viewing your galleries and to collect their email addresses. This change will make it easier for people to get access while still allowing you to collect those addresses. Here's what we have done We've replaced the original setting with "Require Email To View More >>

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Whether you’re just getting started with Queensberry, or you've been with us a while and want to revamp your product offering, we know it can all seem a bit daunting.   Especially for newbies there's a lot to learn — new ordering systems, new terminology, different page types, optional extras etc. Don't worry, we're here to help, and it's not that hard really! One of the few good things to come out of 2020 is that we're now all used to Zoom calls, and you can now pre-book these with us at a time to suit you. A one-on-one "face-to-face" session is a great way to get you sorted. To View More >>

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Well, 2020 is nearly over, and most of us won't miss it! It hasn't been as bad for us Kiwis as many of us probably feared — but I'm sure it's been worse than expected for many of you. But it’s time as every year to express our gratitude to the people who make it happen. Thank you first to our clients. Your support, friendship and patience are very much appreciated. We're painfully aware that the end of the year has been made difficult by supply chain and courier issues that will have impacted some of you. We're very grateful that you choose to make us part of your own and your To View More >>

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We've been thinking a lot recently about how we can make the switch to Queensberry even easier. That's why we're offering client gallery migration and set-up services to help you get up and running fast in 2021. Until January 31st we'll move your galleries for you and help you set up in Workspace. We'll move your galleries from another platform for just US$1/gallery if you have a yearly subscription, or US$2/gallery if you're paying monthly. And if you can't face the hassle of making the move, never fear! Our optional set-up services will smooth the way and get you up and running fast — To View More >>

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