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Producers of books, albums and print products for photographers worldwide. All products are handmade in New Zealand.
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To us, an album is a purchase that matters. A personal treasure about a special moment in time. To enjoy, to share and to pass on. But in a changing world we understand that not everyone wants a grand album, and that for many of us our tastes and lifestyles have moved towards “smaller is better”. That’s why we’ve been focusing on how our product range can accommodate this trend ... and re-imagining our Portrait Album. We've taken the good parts of that range (streamlined workflow, simple unbundled offering, competitive pricing, fast delivery) and brought new To View More >>

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We love seeing the many different ways photographers customise our products. There are so many options. Ann from PhotoWorthy Images has opted for a Classic Flushmount with Tintoretto printing and a black core page. Read what Ann has to say about baby Enzo's shoot, and her 'Baby's 1st Year' package below.  "PhotoWorthy Images is a boutique, fine art portrait studio based in North Canterbury, specializing in children and newborns portraits. PhotoWorthy specializes in fantasy, like fairy and pirates, as well as Baby's 1st Year. Baby's 1st To View More >>

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We love it when one of our staff members gets an album made for themselves. We spend most of our time creating handmade products for photographers, but we like to walk the talk when it comes to printing our photos. Maddy works in the Queensberry bindery and she's let us share her Portrait Album with you. Take a look.  "I made my own scrapbook style photo albums when I was younger and printed photos to frame. This is the second Queensberry album I've made.  "I wanted to make a gift for my partner, Simba, to celebrate the adventures we’ve To View More >>

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Blogging for your photography business can seem like a tricky and time-consuming task, but there are important benefits. Here are just some ways blogging can help your business grow.  01. Help people get to know you Your blog is a chance for clients to get to know you and your personality in a conversational and casual way. Talk about the things you love. That may be strictly personal, like how much you love travel (although everyone seems to say that!). If you shoot weddings maybe it's how you love hearing how couples met, and what they love about To View More >>

How do you target high-end clients? How do you stand out from the crowd? What types of albums could you, or should you, offer? Those are all good questions. Today we share why Duo albums might be the answer.  01. Turn your images into art What make Duos different are their unique pagemount mats. They frame your images with a striking key line, created by meticulously hand-trimming and mounting each print to fit inside the mat opening — each one presented with the same care and attention as your framed wall art. 02. A package superstar If you're To View More >>

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