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Selling albums online is now common, and for very good reason. If you’re shooting destination or out-of-town weddings, chances are you’ll never see clients except on the big day. Even people who live on the other side of the city can face a big commute every time they come to see you. This becomes more of an issue the more successful you are, as people will be booking you as a result of referrals and your reputation—not because you’re handy and don’t charge too much! But selling online can be more difficult than in the studio. First, it’s harder to To View More >>

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© Linda Lauva © Linda Lauva Congratulations to the winners of the 2018 International Wedding Photographer of the Year awards. The competition was a great success with more than double the entries of 2017, and over sixty countries represented. The overall winner was Australian Dan O’Day, but of course closest to our hearts was the album category, sponsored by Queensberry, which was taken out by a beautiful entry from Latvian photographer Linda Lauva. It tells the story of a small and very charming DIY wedding on the bride and groom's land, by the river, deep To View More >>

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Someone suggested the other day that Queensberry’s “look” is “classic”, and if you want “hip” albums you’ll need to look elsewhere. So … how do we plead? Well yer Honour, on the one hand, it’s true … and on the other, it isn’t! Why isn’t it true? It’s your art, we just provide the frame. It’s your album, so if you want hip, make it so. We see plenty of up-to-the-minute designs going through the Bindery, and lots of classic work too. What we suggest is, pick from our paintbox whatever supports To View More >>

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You're probably aware of the widespread unease about data protection and privacy online — for example the Cambridge Analytica Facebook scandal and the other major data breaches that have been in the news so regularly. Protecting people's data is the focus of the European "GDPR" (General Data Protection Regulation), which comes into effect later this month. It applies to everyone who does business in the EU, including us and many of our clients. In brief the GDPR is saying that people have the right to complete control of their data, and that you, as To View More >>

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The winners of the inaugural International Wedding Photographer of the Year Awards have been announced, and the event has been a real success. The six judges from around the world must have had a tough job, with almost a thousand entries from 49 countries, and some beautiful work submitted.  Queensberry was proud to be  principal  sponsor of the album design category, which was won by  Francesco Gravina   (Italy)  with a truly spectacular submission. You can see his complete winning design here. (We recommend you enjoy it on a big screen!) To View More >>

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