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Producers of books, albums and print products for photographers worldwide. All products are handmade in New Zealand.
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Ian Baugh

We're delighted to announce that we're introducing Stripe as an alternative Workspace payment platform, alongside PayPal. Introducing Stripe means you can now activate a standard credit card form at checkout, and also get your payouts faster. However the two platforms interact with Workspace quite differently, and it's important to understand how… Stripe and PayPal are: — How you pay for your wholesale purchases from Queensberry. — How your clients pay for purchases in your retail shopping cart. — How Workspace pays you the To View More >>

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A few weeks ago we gave you a sneak peek at a major upgrade to our Client Galleries, designed to make it easier than ever for wedding and portrait photographers to sell print products to their clients. It' s based on what we've learned from the success of Print Shop, our other online sales platform. We're delighted to announce that it's now live, and accessible on all paid Workspace plans. Here we'll step you through the main features, but first, we're often asked —  why do we offer two platforms? Because the customers are totally different, and so To View More >>

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Right now we're in the middle of the pre-Christmas rush. You too, we know! The traffic is heavier on the roads, and faster and more aggressive. The malls are packed, the couriers run off their feet. And now the questions on every Queensberry client's mind are, will I get my order before Christmas — and why will you be closing down over the holidays??? The holiday season stress-tests many businesses, but especially companies like Queensberry, so they're good questions, and deserve an answer… Our challenge Before Christmas, as this little graphic shows, our orders increase by at To View More >>

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Someone asked the other day why some photographers using Print Shop seem to be selling their prints “quite cheaply”. "I can understand that there is potentially volume in art prints that isn't there with portraits. But I still wonder how a client might feel if the price is significantly lower for an art print." I think there are a few questions here — does the difference in price matter? Are people undercharging? — and anyway, how much should you charge? I'll leave the last one for later, but meantime… 1. Why might you need to charge differently for your art versus To View More >>

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Well, another year is over — our 50th! — and it’s time to express our gratitude, as always, to the people who make it happen. Thank you first to our clients. Your support, friendship and sometimes patience are very much appreciated. We're honoured that you choose to make us part of your own and your clients' stories. Thank you to our regulars, and to the people who joined us for the first time this year. Thank you also if you’ve just rejoined us. It’s great to have you back. And thank you to our amazing staff! Everything we produce To View More >>

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