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Well, another year is over — our 50th! — and it’s time to express our gratitude, as always, to the people who make it happen. Thank you first to our clients. Your support, friendship and sometimes patience are very much appreciated. We're honoured that you choose to make us part of your own and your clients' stories. Thank you to our regulars, and to the people who joined us for the first time this year. Thank you also if you’ve just rejoined us. It’s great to have you back. And thank you to our amazing staff! Everything we produce To View More >>

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© Linda Lauva © Linda Lauva Congratulations to the winners of the 2018 International Wedding Photographer of the Year awards. The competition was a great success with more than double the entries of 2017, and over sixty countries represented. The overall winner was Australian Dan O’Day, but of course closest to our hearts was the album category, sponsored by Queensberry, which was taken out by a beautiful entry from Latvian photographer Linda Lauva. It tells the story of a small and very charming DIY wedding on the bride and groom's land, by the river, deep To View More >>

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They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and who’s to argue … but if so what are a hundred photographs worth? With a hundred photos you can really tell a story — but there’s only one way to do it. Not in an online gallery — that’s a data dump, not a story. Not on a thumb drive — a data dump in a drawer! Not in a stack of prints — out of order, lost, given away or damaged. Not even in a box of matted prints. Beautiful images, beautiful presented — but still not a story. Only in an album can you transform a set of images into a narrative. To View More >>

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Evocative, adjective: bringing strong images, memories, or feelings to mind.  When we released our Vintage leathers last month they clearly struck a chord. Were we surprised? Not really, because when we first saw them we fell in love. And to Heather, in particular, they felt like a return to our beginnings. So ... what’s to love? The beautiful colours first caught our eye, but beyond that, they evoke such powerful feelings of nature, authenticity and, for Heather, who's our founder, memories. Natural because of their earthy tones, To View More >>

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What’s the most important part of an album? Your photography and how it’s presented!  That’s why for a while now our primary focus has been on pages … more page types … more and better printing options … album design and proofing tools. But right now we're focused on covers! — giving you and your clients more cover materials to choose from, and even more ways to customise. Last week we announced 22 new cover materials … but that’s only half the story! Now you can take your albums to the next level with our compelling new To View More >>

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