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We thought we'd get in the Hallowe'en spirit with 'a walk on the dark side'. Our Granddaughter Charlotte used her theatre make up skills to create The Grandpires. Happy Trick or Treating everybody, Heather x PS.Charlotte is only 14 and we are pretty proud of her ability! To View More >>

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For a while now we've been asking people to complete a questionnaire when they register on our site. It's optional, and not everybody does, but still the results are so striking I thought I might share some of the charts. It seems that the people checking us out are a little different to the typical "professional" … and that many people don't realise there's plenty to Queensberry beyond books and albums. 1. In the age of Mr Google we're proud that most people say they found us — not through search, or advertising — but through good To View More >>

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My hands are how it all started, making a leather handbag for my mother.I am a woman of the craft. Creating things by hand is something that I've mastered over time and fallen in love with. Not just leatherwork and bookbinding but needlework, cooking and much more.Over the years as Queensberry grew I got busier and busier, and, for much of each year, I've put this aside.But today I was reminded how much I've missed working with my hands … the feeling, the respect for my craft, the getting back to a space that fills me with love.Why is handmade so special? To View More >>

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I got a little reminder about walking in our customers' shoes this week. We ran a survey asking regular users about twelve Workspace functions and features, from ordering albums to hosting to shopping cart sales — how important they were to people, how often they used them in Workspace, and how easy they were to use. The thing is we (OK, I) focused on how photographers experience Workspace, but not on how it works for your customers. That’s pretty bad, but in a sense understandable … because although at Queensberry we use Workspace heavily every day (in fact the entire To View More >>

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I just finished a book that pinged all my Queensberry values. Gutenberg’s Apprentice is a novel by Alix Christie that brings to life the inspiration, invention and sheer hard work over several years that went into the Gutenberg Bible. Published in 1454-5, it was the first major book to be printed using moveable type. Until then books were copied by hand — by scribes — and therefore scarce, hugely expensive and prone to error. I love the way Alix Christie has given credit not just to the inventor, but also to his foreman Peter Schöffer, his business partner Johannes To View More >>

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