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They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and who’s to argue … but if so what are a hundred photographs worth?

With a hundred photos you can really tell a story — but there’s only one way to do it.

Not in an online gallery — that’s a data dump, not a story.

Not on a thumb drive — a data dump in a drawer!

Not in a stack of prints — out of order, lost, given away or damaged.

Not even in a box of matted prints. Beautiful images, beautiful presented — but still not a story.

Only in an album can you transform a set of images into a narrative. One that tells the story of a day, an event, a relationship, or a life. Albums aren’t just about photography. Done well they tell stories, reveal relationships, describe settings … and show the individual images at their best.

Photography is an art. So too is album design. The final book is their final, physical, unique expression.

Below Stephen Baugh talks about the importance of telling stories and the power of "white space" — a little insight into our approach to album design.

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