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It’s always great to bring you good news, so today we can announce an extended range of embossings fonts, the return of title pages and … a mistake fixed!

Title pages

They’re back! We’ve found a new supplier after a long search, so please feel free to order :)

Standard personal embossings

Personal embossing is our most popular cover style, and no wonder — they’re a lovely way to personalise an album cover and add visual interest, and we’ve just made some changes…

But first, we offer two types of personal embossing, Custom (where you supply us with the finished artwork) and Standard (where you supply us with text from which we create the artwork).

These changes relate to our Standard service, which we offer on albums. For Standard embossings you select from the range of available fonts, enter the text you want and submit it as part of your order. You can also specify a foil colour and where you want the embossing placed.

Today we’re adding to the range of fonts we offer, and also fixing a confusing font-naming error.

“Futura” is now Helvetica

Back in the days when we embossed with letter typefaces we could only offer two fonts: Bank Gothic and “Futura”. Unfortunately it wasn’t Futura at all, but Helvetica, as some of our sharp-eyed clients have pointed out. It’s now been renamed Helvetica, as it always should have been. Which means:

• If you want to match a sample with the old “Futura” embossing, be sure to order Helvetica!

• If you want to match a Futura title, choose Futura Book for the embossing.

• True Helvetica is now available as an embossing option for books, albums and title pages.

Here’s our extended range of Standard Embossing fonts

• Rochester

• Windsong

• Helvetica

• Futura Book

• Bank Gothic

• Lato

• Dear Ivy

• Timeless

Our embossing and title page PDF has visuals of each font and how we use it in titles and cover embossings. You can download it here.

Embossing Rules

For practical reasons not every font works on every material. For example all we can offer on Contemporary Leathers is Bank Gothic or Helvetica with Blind Embossing. That’s because the material is heavily textured, and foiling and fine fonts don’t work well.

We’ve now updated Workspace so the correct rules are built into the ordering platform, but you can also click here for a complete list of our embossing rules and recommendations so you can discuss what’s available with your clients beforehand.

Embossing Proofs

You can request an proof of your embossing and title pages in special instructions. Add a note 'Send Proof of Embossing & Title' and we will email this to you. It will be sent after we've received payment for the product and is in production. So that production is not delayed please respond to our proofing emails quickly.

Thanks for reading. If you have any questions about these changes please email


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