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The following are our end of year deadlines, designed to ensure that you'll receive your orders in time for Christmas, and with low stress. They're important because our order volumes increase by 2-3 times over the holiday period and we want to be certain we can meet your delivery requirements. As we all know, couriers will also be extremely busy so please allow plenty of time for shipping.

Books and Albums

Book and Albums using Queensberry Design Services:

Please submit your design orders by the 25th of October, and provide your final approval by Saturday 11th of November NZT (Friday 10th November US Time).

Book and Albums designed designed using Workspace or Third-Party Software:

Please submit your book and album orders by Saturday 11th of November NZT (Friday 10th November US Time). We require confirmation and payment within 48 hours of our sending you confirmation to maintain your spot in the queue.

Boxes and Print Products

Bulk Studio Box & Print Box orders:

Please submit your Bulk Box orders by Monday 20th of November NZT

Frames, Canvases and Single Box orders:

Please submit your orders by Saturday, 2nd of December

Large Format Prints and Loose Matted Prints:

Please submit your orders by Saturday 9th December

Small Format Loose Prints:

Please submit your orders by Friday 15th December to allow courier delivery time. We will continue to print and despatch loose print orders until mid morning on the 21st December. We aim to have the vast majority shipped before we close, but we cannot guarantee we will be able to complete everything, or that the courier will deliver on the 22nd.

Consolidated Orders for shipping to Schools and Daycares

We receive thousands of school orders at this time of year. If you're using our specialist order consolidation service (i.e. we collate individual orders into one bulk shipment to you or the school) please follow these guidelines to ensure we have enough time to print, laminate, check and ship your orders, before the school closes down.

— For schools where you expect less than 100 orders, please set the cut-off date in Workspace to 5 days before you need the consolidated orders to ship. Also consider likely courier transit time.

— For schools with more than 100 orders expected, please set the cut off date in Workspace to 7 days before you want the consolidated orders to ship. Also consider likely courier transit time.

Other Details


As always we do our very best to plan and pre purchase enough fabrics etc to cover all the orders we receive. From time to time demand for one or two materials may be so great, or usage levels so unusual, that we run out. The sooner we have your orders the easier it is for us to ensure that we can meet your requirements, and order more stock where that is possible.

Orders placed after these holiday deadlines

As always we will continue to accept orders after our holiday deadlines and work to ship them before we close for the year. Orders not completed before close down will be first in line when we return in the New Year.

Annual Holiday Close Down Dates

This year Queensberry will be closing for our annual summer holiday on the afternoon of the 21st of December NZT and opening again on the 11th of January, with a small skeleton crew coming in earlier to prepare orders.

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