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They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and who’s to argue … but if so what are a hundred photographs worth? With a hundred photos you can really tell a story — but there’s only one way to do it. Not in an online gallery — that’s a data dump, not a story. Not on a thumb drive — a data dump in a drawer! Not in a stack of prints — out of order, lost, given away or damaged. Not even in a box of matted prints. Beautiful images, beautiful presented — but still not a story. Only in an album can you transform a set of images into a narrative. To View More >>

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What products will you be offering in 2019? Recently we sent New Zealand photographer Chris Turner one of our new Vintage Leather albums. We wanted to make something to align with his brand and imagery, and he left a lovely review on Facebook last week. Thank you for the generous comments, Chris. How to build an album like Chris Turner's: Album cover: Vintage Leather Rust with custom embossing. Page Type: 10x10 Panorama Flushmount with Fine Art printing. Design method: Free Queensberry Design. To see more of Chris Turner, follow these links: Facebook,  Website,  Instagram,  To View More >>

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Evocative, adjective: bringing strong images, memories, or feelings to mind.  When we released our Vintage leathers last month they clearly struck a chord. Were we surprised? Not really, because when we first saw them we fell in love. And to Heather, in particular, they felt like a return to our beginnings. So ... what’s to love? The beautiful colours first caught our eye, but beyond that, they evoke such powerful feelings of nature, authenticity and, for Heather, who's our founder, memories. Natural because of their earthy tones, To View More >>

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Picture this… Your clients have been waiting (im)patiently for their album. There’s a knock on the door — a courier — and there it is… They open the package to find a beautiful box embossed with your logo or their names. The box material matches their album and is tied with a bow. They loosen the ribbon to find their names embossed in the same font as their invitations. They browse through the album and relive the day. Eventually it goes back in the box and is set on their coffee table. Friends visit. Your clients gush about their special day, your photography, To View More >>

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This week's album is Evagoras Mandrides Photography of the UK. This is a traditional Greek wedding, something Evagoras is very familiar with. His clients often take part in the standard, pre-wedding preparations at their homes, then have a Greek Orthodox church service followed by an evening full of dancing — and further traditions too many to list! According to 'Greek Wedding Traditions', it's traditional for family members to tie a red scarf, as a blessing, around the bride and groom's waists. "When the bride is dressed and ready, her To View More >>

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