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Beautiful delivery at every step... We've been rolling out updates to the automated emails that Workspace sends out when you share online galleries with your clients, when your client requests image downloads, or when your client places an order from these galleries. 


When your clients' image galleries are ready to view

Once a gallery is set up to your liking you can share the gallery with your client. Your client will receive a beautiful automated email using the template above, which invites them to view their images. The cover image for the collection you’re sharing is displayed, as well as your studio name and a password (if you've required one to view the images). If you leave the template text area blank it will pick up our default message. Otherwise, you can replace it with your own. The URL and password are automatically added, so don't worry about adding them to your personal message.

When feature image is turned off, logo displays


When feature image is turned off, logo displays

When your clients' image downloads are ready

When your client requests (or buys) digital download they will receive this email once the image folders have been built. By default, the email will display the collection cover image and a few short instructions from Workspace. If you have a standard Workspace account and don't wish to display the collection cover image you can adjust your default settings here, or turn the feature off for a specific gallery under the Collection settings.  

However, specialist Workspace accounts designed for volume photography (schools, teams etc) do NOT display the collection cover image because generally, the Collection cover image won't relate to the person receiving the email.


When your clients place product orders in your shopping cart

When your client places an order they will receive a PayPal receipt as well as a detailed order notification from Workspace. The order notification will pick up your studio name and logo. If you’d like it to include your logo, please ensure you've uploaded it here. The email like the ones above will also pick up your website address and social media links, which you can add here


PS Similar changes will be applied to emails sent for album proofing in the coming weeks.

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