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“Take the first step and we'll go the extra mile" has always been a core value at Queensberry. Today we're going a few steps further for the people who deserve our support the most, our regular clients:

1. We’re increasing our Tier Discounts to regular customers by 250% — 2-1/2 times more discount than before! Click here for Tier Discount rates, and how they work. 

2. Regular clients can now order their studio sample products at 40% discount all year round. No need to wait for our special offers to save.

What this means is that if you’re a regular client you never pay full price. Tier Discount will apply to all your purchases except sample products (above) and special offers that offer an even better deal.

Why are we doing this? Our industry has got too caught up with silly discount deals designed to attract new business. Of course we want new business too, but we’ve decided to throw our support behind the people who've really earned it — Queensberry people, our loyal, regular clients.

New to Queensberry? Here’s a long list of everyday benefits that you'll enjoy from your first order onwards. All designed to make Queensberry easy, quick and affordable. And as we promised at the start, if you take the first step we will go the extra mile!

If you’d like to know your Tier Status please email us.

Thanks for reading. I’d love to hear back from you.
Stephen Baugh

PS Don’t worry, we’ll still be running special offers!

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