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Better emails for everyone!

Most of us take great care over our “marketing”, like newsletters, special offers, advertising etc, but in a way what tells people the most about us are the little day to day interactions that we barely think about. Like our answerphone messages or our auto-reply email!

Workspace sends out lots of automated emails — for example when you share galleries with your clients, when clients receive their digital downloads, or when they purchase products in your shopping cart. They’re a reflection of you — and us — and we want them to look as professional and appealing as possible. Which is why we’ve been rolling out updates over the last couple of weeks.

One new feature we really like is displaying the cover image* when you share a collection with your client, a real attention grabber. The emails can also pick up your website URL, logo and social media links, all great for branding.

Formatting email can be tricky, so we've tested across different operating systems, programs and devices to ensure they look great no matter where they're viewed. To cap things off, you can change various settings, including the message text in some cases.

Please click here if you’d like to know more about these upgrades.

And thanks to those who helped solve some issues early in the rollout! We’re confident these emails will look beautiful and project your branding image proudly. 

Better workflow begins here!
The Queensberry Workspace team

PS If you’re interested in joining the Queensberry Workspace community we’re introducing a new Lifetime Plan which gives you all the features of Basic (but less data) for a one-off payment of US$129. Unless you’re really active you’ll never need to pay for hosting and online sales again! To upgrade, click here.

*For regular Workspace accounts this feature is on by default but can be turned off. For specialist volume accounts it’s not available. 

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Featured Photography: Lauren Anne Photography

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