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If you haven't seen our brand new frames, you need to take a look! They've got away to a cracking start since we launched them. But you might be wondering — How can I show frames online without spending heaps on samples? Which ones should I offer? What would they look like with my photographs?

The answer? Our new stock image templates for frames. They're free to use anywhere you're selling. Download our PSD layouts, insert your own imagery and you'll have a virtual product complete with your own photography.


Our stock templates for frames — and all our other products — are available to download here. Then just follow these steps to add your own images.


Pro tips: Try adding a grey rectangle over the image but below the frame layer. Lower the opacity to around 10-15% and you get a sort of "printed" effect, rather than a too-bright "screen-looking" image. Helps to make the image look a little more realistic.

If you're a bit more savvy with photoshop, you could use these templates to build gallery walls with shots of your own home, or with stock images you've purchased. This helps clients visualise your work in their homes and means more sales!

In the quick example below I've copied the frames using the rectangular marquee tool to select them, then paste them onto the wall above the couch (helps that the tones of the walls are similar). I've added a dropshadow to each frame, following the direction of the light in the room. There might be a more sophisticated way to do this with more control (likely with the Pen Tool), but this is a quick and easy way to copy square objects, and I do like quick and easy!


Let's face it, there's no substitute for display samples that your customers can touch and feel, but you can give your clients a wider "trade show experience" in your marketing materials and website with our stock image downloads. And certainly you can see how your images work with the various frame and mat colours without spending a cent.

Download our new frame templates here.

See more about adding your images to products here.


Featured imagery by Lauren Anne Photography, AUS.

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