Product image downloads

Queensberry stock imagery

There's no substitute for display samples your customers can touch and feel, but you can give your clients a wider "trade show experience" with our stock image downloads. Free to use online or in print. Select the options you want to offer. Download our PSD layouts to create a "virtual product" complete with your own photography. Or help clients envisage their purchase by using images from their own shoot. Follow the links below for instructions and to download. 

Download folders below

Our product options are subject to change, and the resources you download may become out of date over time. Please ensure that any assets you create with them (eg your website and social media) remain current. You can return here to download again at any time. Instructions for use follow below.

Print and Mats


Material Swatches




Cover Motifs




Translucent Titles


Instructions for use

Insert your images

Once you have downloaded the folders, it's time to super-impose your work into the PSD files.

Due to the fact our image licensing rights on our website are limited to use from Queensberry only, we require that you super-impose your work into any open layout shots.

Open the file up into Photoshop, choose the images you want to display and the image to the file, size it to suit the aperture. Finally move the image behind the product image layer. If you need more help, read below for tips and tricks to make these images look as real as possible. 



Add to your website and marketing material

You can add these images anywhere you're selling, whether that is online or in marketing brochures. Once all your files are set-up it's time to add the images to your website and marketing material.

All images used for your website should be resized to ensure fast loading speed.

Our product options are subject to change. Please ensure that your marketimng materials remain current. You can download updated resources at any time.