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New square frames! After feedback on our Facebook group, Queensberry Insider, we realised we needed more square sizes in our range. They're a great idea for multi-aperture displays, as in the graphic, and also in frame groupings. We've launched three new sizes to fill the gaps: 16x16, 20x20 and 24x24. The new sizes offer all our options — matted, un-matted, floating (torn-edge) and mounted canvas.  You can order frame corners here or order a completed sample frame here. We offer 25% sample discount on frames, and regular customers can earn Tier Discount To View More >>

Here's a look at what goes on in the Queensberry printery — prints, album layouts and canvases being created under the expert eyes of our technicians. Quality is paramount to us. Queensberry print makers Chris and Alex chat about some of our print options, and their own hands-on, eyes-on approach. Printing your photographs is a hands-on process at Queensberry, and we're sticklers for detail — every step is subject to strict scrutiny, and monitored closely from start to finish. But preparing your files properly is just as important To View More >>

Someone suggested the other day that Queensberry’s “look” is “classic”, and if you want “hip” albums you’ll need to look elsewhere. So … how do we plead? Well yer Honour, on the one hand, it’s true … and on the other, it isn’t! Why isn’t it true? It’s your art, we just provide the frame. It’s your album, so if you want hip, make it so. We see plenty of up-to-the-minute designs going through the Bindery, and lots of classic work too. What we suggest is, pick from our paintbox whatever supports To View More >>

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"Happy holidays!" They'll be on us faster than you think … time to focus on family and friends, take stock of the year that's been, and look forward to the year ahead. Meantime you'll want to make sure your clients get their books, boxes, albums and frames in time. You'll find our closedown dates below. For a low-stress lead-up, we recommend sticking to the following timeline… Books and albums — if we're designing them for you: October 26: Please submit your design order by 26 October. November 14: The design needs To View More >>

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Albums are a blank canvas on which to express your personal style and taste, and we love seeing the variety that comes through the Bindery. This week's album caught our attention with its brightly coloured graffiti backgrounds and interesting design. When we asked Daniel if we could feature it, he shared with us the humorous, heartwarming story of how the couple first met – as told by them, from both sides. Talk about a meet-cute! It reminded us of something important — "It's not about the album, it's about the photography." … But dig deeper and it's To View More >>

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