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We thought we should explain where we’re heading in terms of product development over the next few months. There'll be more to come for sure about other products, but this is it for albums. For now!

And although we’re working on major updates, especially to our Flushmount and Studio ranges, regular customers will be pleased to know we’ll be tidying up a few anomalies and aggravations in our systems and resources as we go.

Please treat what follows as a road map, not a timetable. We’ll make further announcements as things are released. And of course, there’ll be special offers to make ordering display samples easy.

Meanwhile, if you have questions — or suggestions! — please let us know.

Flushmount Albums

We're adding our new Smooth Matt stock as an Offset option, as well as a new “thin” page weight (allowing up to 60 pages, or 120 sides). In the New Year we’ll also be adding 9x9 and 12x9 sizes.

We’re also simplifying things. All pages will be “panorama style” (creased at the spine) except the larger offset-printed formats, which for technical reasons require a discrete cut.

That’s very much a summary, so for details please read What’s New in Flushmount Albums on the blog.

Studio Albums

Studio Albums have generated a lot of excitement, and got us thinking hard… So where are we headed?

Four words describe them: simple, affordable, contemporary and speedy.

Covers will be available plain or embossed (our most popular styles), and the un-matted pages medium-weight or thin. We’ll be including all sizes up to 10x10.

By keeping things simple we aim to ship in 5-7 working days provided you send us a production-ready order (embossing may add extra time because we order blocks on a weekly schedule).

And — we know this matters to many people! — If you do your own colour correction and album design you’ll love the prices. That doesn’t mean we’re compromising on quality or craftsmanship. The covers are identical, the pages exactly the same as the equivalent Flushmounts.

As before, this is just a summary, so for details please read What makes Studio Albums different? on the blog.

We’ll retire two “legacy” un-matted page options

— Classic Flushmount pages (cut at the spine) have been replaced by heavy-weight "panorama" pages, creased at the spine (photographic printing only).

— Medium-weight Q-Books will be replaced by medium-weight, offset-printed Flushmount and Studio Album pages. Again, see the blog for details.

Matted albums

Our matted albums are heading for a revamp too, although this is a little further down the track. Right now we’re prototyping to prove the viability of the changes we’re considering. What we hope to do is: 

— Extend the Overlay Matted range to allow un-matted sides — certainly with true photographic printing, hopefully also with offset.

— Allow panoramic printing (creased at the spine) in un-matted Duo pages (the prototypes look really great).

— We’re also looking at smooth (un-textured) mats to match our smooth Matt offset stock, as well as new upgrade options for Duo. Again, the prototypes look really promising.

Finally, Musée and Classic Matted will be treated as legacy options. They’ll still be available to order for now, but won’t feature on our website.

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