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Flushmounts are our most popular albums, but we get two requests regularly — more pages and less confusion!

So, amongst other things, we’re simplifying the range and adding new thin pages.

Watch out for the release announcements, and the introductory offers.

Here’s what we’ll be offering in Flushmount:

— All album sizes (including new 9x9 and 12x9, which we expect to introduce in the New Year —they’re already a hit in Studio Albums).

All our cover and upgrade options.

Heavy, medium and thin pages (for up to 30, 45 and 60 pages).

— Three printing options: Offset, True Photographic, Fine Art.

— Three offset stocks: Matt (smooth), Tintoretto (textured) and Satin.

— All pages except the larger Offset sizes will be "panorama" style, in other words creased at the spine. (For technical reasons 10x7 horiz., 10x10 and larger Offset pages need a discrete cut.)

— Heavy pages are for true photographic printing only.

— And, as it’s a little delicate, Fine Art printing will be for a maximum of 30 medium pages, or 40 thin.

That’s a lot of choice, but is it simple?

We hope so. It’s certainly simpler! That’s because we’re retiring two “legacy” un-matted page options that have always been a bit on the outer…

Classic Flushmount pages (heavy, cut at the spine) have been superseded by heavy-weight panorama pages — more desirable because they’re creased (not cut) and more affordable! Classic Flush pages will still be available for now, but we won’t do samples or feature them publicly.

Medium-weight Q-Books will be replaced by “medium-weight, offset-printed” Flushmount pages.They’ll be much more at home in the Flushmount range, with more cover styles and upgrades available,and free colour correction and album design on request. By the way you can get exactly the same page in the Studio album range, where the prices may look different, but the total package (cover and pages) should work out much the same as Q-Book Mediums.

What’s with Studio Albums?

If you like our Flushmounts you should definitely check out Studio Albums — especially if you do your own album design and colour correction. The range is more restricted, but you’ll love the prices and the turnaround time.

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