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Hi Everyone,

This is a quick message to let you know that New Zealand will be moving from Alert Level 4 to Alert Level 3 on Tuesday 28th April, which means we will be able to reopen production at that time, with strict guidelines to keep our staff safe.

Thank you everyone for your patience over the lockdown, and special thanks to those who followed our advice and continued to send their orders in. You — and those whose work we couldn’t deliver before lockdown started — will be at the head of the line on the 28th. And if you do have orders to send, please do so as soon as you can!

While we're here, there have been a lot of creative responses to our Joint Promotion offer. If you’re considering running a promotion yourself be sure to apply soon — ends 30 June.

Finally, thanks for the really lovely feedback we've had to our book, Love's Not Enough, which you can download here!

Thanks for reading, and if you have questions or comments please do get in touch via the Insider or by emailing .

Very best wishes, and stay safe, from everyone at Queensberry.

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