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We’ve been thinking a lot about how we can help our community get through everything going on in the world right now. So how can we help you navigate the storm? 

We’re asking you for input because we don’t know how things are for you personally. Yes we have our own ideas, but please send us an email so we can talk about yours. 

For now, please scroll down for details of a shared promotion offer,  plus a discount on Workspace plans to get you into Print Shop at bargain rates.

We’re not giants of the industry and our resources aren't unlimited, but as best we can we want to help. We need each other now and we’ll need each other once this is over!

Stay well, and best wishes from everyone at Queensberry.

1. Shared promotions

For some time we’ve run a “shared promotion” scheme for regular (Tier) clients. Clients tell us about a promotion they want to run (eg to attract new business, make an offer to past clients, chase up unconfirmed albums etc), and how it involves our products and services. We see what we can do to help, normally by way of additional discount.

Right now we’re opening the scheme up to everyone until the end of June, and offering 15% discount across all our products and services, subject to us accepting your proposal. Companion and Tier Discount will apply as normal. Promotions must be for a limited time, and we’ll look at proposals on a “first come first served” basis.

Ordinarily we need to schedule these promos carefully, but who knows what will happen over the next few weeks? We may extend the offer past June, or we may need to curtail it due to demand.

We know you have a lot on your plate but if you’re interested don't delay! Please click the link for more details and to submit your proposal with our online form.

2. Workspace/Print Shop savings, plus a special offer

While we were working on Print Shop we took a hard look at our Workspace plans, and decided to • cancel Pro+ and • offer the Pro plan with Print Shop AND unlimited data for the same price as before. That means more data and more functionality for 40% less. Permanently.

PLUS until the end of June we’re offering 30% discount off the new annual Pro plan for one year (US$290 down to ~$203). Just quote Promo Code PRINTSHOP30 when upgrading.

Note: If you have an existing BASIC plan, any time left will be recalculated and applied to your new Pro Plan. If you have a PRO+ plan, any time left on your current sub will be recalculated and applied to your new Pro Plan to extend the end date (you can order another year less 30% if you wish).

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