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Want to make the Workspace Image Gallery even more powerful for Events with lots of images (eg weddings)? If that's a Yes, check out an optional feature called image categories, which you can switch on in Basic Settings. Here's how they work. The normal way to organise images in your events is using collections. Collections work a bit like iTunes playlists, in that images can be in more than one collection (eg album selection and favourites as well as Nan's). On the other hand images can only be in one Category (eg Ceremony or Family Groups, but not both). You use Categories to divide your images into logical groups so that it's easier to view them. What's great is that you can use them together. Let's suppose you divide your wedding images into Categories like Bride's House, Ceremony etc, and then you or your clients go through and make a collection of Favourites ready to design an album. With Categories you can either view the whole Favourites collection, or just the images in one Category. This breaks up potentially hundreds of images into nice bite size chunks! It makes album design easier, and if Uncle John wants to go straight to the family images, he can do so easily without trawling through everything else. The graphic below shows an example. It's a slideshow for a collection called For The Album (click the image to see it bigger in a separate window). The Categories are shown as a list along the top. Categories in Queensberry Workspace Slideshow Clicking on a Category name refreshes the slideshow to show only the images in that Category. It's currently displaying 'All Images', which refers to all the images in this collection. And yes indeed, you can add a shopping cart to the slide show! How do you create and share Categories? In a Workspace Event you can create a Category by clicking on the '+' next to the Image Categories label. Drag and drop images into the Category box, exactly how you would for Collections. Queensberry Workspace Event Window To create a slideshow and share a collection with your client or the general public (eg by email or on Facebook etc) click the blue SHARE button in the top right hand corner of the event window. The Categories you create will automatically apply to any Collections you share, but a Category will only show up in a slideshow if in fact there is an image from it in the shared collection. Categories can also be used with Editable Collections. If you do have any questions, or are still unsure on how it all works, feel free to get in touch. Have a play, try it out and let us know what you think! Anna PS - the Unsorted and Reject Categories will never be shared, they're just for you! And don't forget you need to switch on Categories in Basic Settings.
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