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50yr_wedding_iStock_000014959363Small How interesting are your wedding photos? It depends how old they are. If your wedding was a month ago you love them. If your wedding was a year ago maybe you haven't thought about them in a while. If your wedding was twenty years ago you won't have thought about them in years! If your wedding was thirty years ago that hunk you married is someone's granddad. If your wedding was forty years ago, your grandkids are a bit impressed by the hunk that Granddad used to be … and how strangely people dressed back in the day.


After forty years those old pictures are as interesting as they were a month after the wedding. This is their time, the reason they were made. Good luck finding them on Grandma's Facebook page. Good luck playing that DVD. Good luck finding that thumb drive (it's down the back of a couch you sold years ago - and anyway what's a thumb drive?). Thank goodness for the album. This is its time, the reason it was made. Yes we make albums, and this is why – so we really can remember forever. Cheers, Ian PS Katrina has a lovely personal take on this here.
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