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I had to laugh at Ikea’s new advert for the “bookbook". Check it out - love or hate Ikea, it's pretty clever. And besides having a laugh at Apple, it makes a very good point about real books.

I love my iPhone and catching up with my friends on Facebook. The internet and the ways we connect with it are wonderful things. They've changed the world, changed how we do business, and brought us all a little closer.

It's great to see beautiful images online too, but… it has a whole different meaning for me when I see them printed or I'm holding a book in my hand. There is something magic, tangible...alive!

Like most people our diaries at Queensberry are online too. Which is good… I’m reminded when I need to be somewhere, or to be doing something. But I can't help myself. I take all the electronic notifications and write them in my paper diary!

I know, I know. it's old fashioned and archaic, but I love paper and I love books. I love the never ending search to find the perfect one. I love opening a new diary and filling it with events. I love keeping the old ones too, like cancelled passports, souvenirs of my life.

It’s a good thing that I believe in paper and books, given the business we're in, and I'm not afraid to say that I've kissed and hugged albums as they've left Queensberry … and yes, sometimes I take a little sniff ... and that's okay :-) 

Sonya x

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