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We're excited about the feedback for the new Workspace release. And from reading your emails it looks like our new storyboards will put smiles on a lot of faces.

Originally storyboards didn't get much attention, but when we introduced blogging that changed. We realized pretty quickly that they needed a revamp.

So let's look at what we have done:

Storyboards are made up of templates designed to display groups of images, which Workspace then exports to create a single JPG. Use them like building blocks - choose a single template or add several together to create a unique storyboard every time.

You can:
- Add them to your blog, or share them just like your images and albums.
- It's super-easy to select the storyboard width to match your blog layout.
- Watermark/brand the storyboard, just like your images.
- Set the spacing between images and templates.
- Download individual sections (templates) or the whole storyboard (very cool).
- Design them in full screen view.

Have a play and let us know what you think.


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