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Peter Attwood

Here's a handy tip if you're using our free design service. Please hit the SEND button, or we won't get your feedback. (SAVE adds them to the database but doesn't pass them to us.) You'll find the button at the bottom right of the screen, as in the graphic.We normally have design edits done within 24 hours, so if you don't hear from us promptly, take a look in Workspace to double check that you sent the comments. By the way the same applies to feedback from your clients. If you haven't heard from them, ask them to check that they've hit the Send Feedback button, To View More >>

We're excited about the feedback for the new Workspace release. And from reading your emails it looks like our new storyboards will put smiles on a lot of faces.Originally storyboards didn't get much attention, but when we introduced blogging that changed. We realized pretty quickly that they needed a revamp.So let's look at what we have done:Storyboards are made up of templates designed to display groups of images, which Workspace then exports to create a single JPG. Use them like building blocks - choose a single template or add several To View More >>

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As a Dad with a teenage daughter I feel in constant conflict watching her grow up. We parents feel so proud watching our kids become independent and make their own choices. But on the other hand we want to protect them because they will always be your babies. I think the saying about cutting the apron strings is wrong. It's more of a case of watching the strands break slowly over a long period of time.Some photographers who decide to try our design service feel as protective of their photos as I might be when some scruffy, hairy teenage boy comes knocking on our front door.Who can blame them for To View More >>

Quite a while ago we had to change the URL Photojunction links to for updates. Unfortunately this has meant that, even though we publicised the change at the time, some people are still using a very old version. Whenever we've encountered this we have helped the user upgrade, and this is another reminder.Check the version number you're running (bottom left of the start-up screen). If it's anything other than 1.71 you need to update. If your version is newer than 1.53 Photojunction will download the latest version automatically (all you have to do is agree).However if you're on version 1.53 or To View More >>