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The design space is buzzing as we get ready to announce our first 2016 Workspace updates. After months of debate, covering the walls with design ideas, and then the hard work of turning them into code, and testing, we finally get to share! 

Here’s the big picture:
An updated retail shopping cart for you.
Redesigned image gallery.
New and improved website themes.
New and improved blogging themes.
New client website designs.
And finally a new page editor so you can modify the themes without HTML coding.

That’s way too much for a single blog post so we’re going to dig into the detail over the next several days. But let’s start with our new website themes. 
We had a clear brief:

“Big bold imagery for our photographer clients. And modern, clean, sophisticated, mobile-friendly design.”

There are eight themes, each designed for a specific purpose. Check them out below. You can click through to the demo sites to see how they look. We suggest checking them out on desktop and mobile before choosing.

Our simplest theme: just select one of your image galleries as your home page slideshow. Navigation above the images takes the user to your client galleries, blog, contact page etc.

Features a panoramic home page image (we suggest max. 2500px for fast loading). The navigation overlays the image, with recent blog posts beneath. Ideal for landscape or travel photography.

Panoramic home page image similar to Vista, but with navigation above the image, and recent public galleries, rather than blog posts, underneath. Mobile friendly like all the themes.

Select an image gallery as your home page slideshow, same as Focus. Navigation above, recent public galleries underneath (titles are displayed, unlike the other themes, which use hover).

A panoramic home page feature image (rec. 2500px for fast loading). An “Enter” button takes the user to your site, which uses the Shutter theme and a separate feature slide show.

Shows your nine most recent public image events as a grid (it links to “all images”). As with all themes, the grid reduces to to one or two columns on mobile.

On desktop, an unlimited horizontally scrolling display of your selected home page slide show, with navigation above. Reduces to one or two “masonry” (nested) columns on mobile.

An unlimited vertically scrolling display of your selected home page slide show, with navigation above. The 4-column “masonry” (nested) display on a large desktop reduces to three columns on smaller screens, and two columns on mobile. 

Completely Customisable

Like everything in Workspace, these themes are a starting point and can be completely customised with your content and design style. If you're not really the techy sort then just add text and photos, or even better use our Turbo Start service and we will do it for you. For the inspired web designers amongst us, you have full control over css and javascript.


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