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Be bold, make a statement, choose a Panorama Flushmount.

Just over a year ago we released our Panorama Flushmount albums. With pages creased at the spine, not cut.  Seamless, and perfect for bold and beautiful Imagery.

But not only can you design stunning, uninterrupted panoramic layouts, you can add more pages as well. Simply select our medium- rather than heavy-weight option. Our new medium panoramic albums take up to 45 pages in total (90 sides) whereas with traditional heavy-weight pages the limit is 30 (60 sides). 

Panorama albums have raced away to become one of our most popular album styles, and now we are stepping it up a notch by offering an inkjet-printed Fine Art ("Giclée") option, shown above, alongside our traditional Silver Halide printing.

The quality and reliability of our products are both very important to us, which is why we do all our printing in-house, and why we're cautious about introducing anything new and untested. Silver Halide is a traditional technology with over a century of history and refinement behind it. It offers high image quality, and is long-lasting and affordable.

Inkjet printing can be of exquisite quality, and offers more variety in terms of the texture and colour of the printed stock. For our Fine Art pages, we've chosen a professional, conservation-quality natural white art stock with a lightly textured matte finish. Although the pages are protected by a discrete coating, they're a little more delicate than our Silver Halide pages and should be handled with care. Fine Art printed Panorama albums are only available with medium-weight pages.

You need to see these pages to appreciate their beauty, so do get in quick for our ongoing 50% Sample Album discount offer. That offer is due to expire at the end of March but if you don't think you can make the deadline we will extend it for an extra two weeks for panorama albums only. Please contact us to express your interest.


Images by Jonny Harper Photography UK

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