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There’s lots to like in our new Workspace Image Galleries: stunning full bleed feature images, no-fuss emails you can personalise and style, redesigned login windows, image favouriting and updated slideshows.

Read on for details...

Auto-generated Emails:

Your image gallery titles and passwords, and your company name and social media links, are all included in auto-generated client emails that you can personalise and style. Simple, clean and best of all, no fuss.

New login window:

Semi-private galleries are just that. Unless people have the password, all they can see is your chosen feature image. Photographers love “semi-private” because it retains client privacy but looks great on the web. Now the login window also displays the feature image, so your beautiful photography is always on show. (If you prefer, “private” galleries display no images at all.)

Stunning full bleed feature images:

Big bold imagery is something we love at Queensberry, so we've brought it online in Workspace. For ultimate impact you can now choose your favourite image to display full width at the top of your image gallery. Click here to view an example.

How to?

Login to Workspace and go to Images in the navigation and then open an event. On the right hand side panel you will see 'Show Feature Image'. Here you can select 'yes' or 'no'. The feature image is the event ‘Collection cover image’. This is set by dragging an image into the ‘Collection cover image’ box on the right hand side panel.

The Workspace Heart:

Now it's easier for you to know exactly what images your clients are loving. You can view their favourited images in a separate tab, making it easier to edit and view favourites as a collection. (A more in-depth blog post on favouriting images in Workspace coming soon!)

Slideshow updates:

Out with the old and in with the new is our motto for 2016. Our outdated slideshows have been replaced with a much larger gallery slideshow. Click here to see how it works.

We are always looking to improve Workspace so if you do have any suggestions, ideas or requests, please email as we'd love to hear from you.

Alexandria x

Images by Izo Photography

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