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It’s been over 18 months since we launched our frame range, and it’s time for the next step. We’ve been absolutely delighted with the response so far, but we want to do even better, and we’re pretty excited to get started!

We’ll be announcing updates as they’re ready to go live, but here's an overview of what’s coming up over the next few weeks — plus an invitation to send us your own feedback and suggestions.

1. With the benefit of experience, we’re introducing new glazing options. For shipments within New Zealand, we’re moving to clear Framer’s Glass in most sizes. Perfect clarity, no visual distortion, not susceptible to damage from housekeeping! We’re also planning to introduce Conservation Clear (anti-UV) glass as an upgrade option.

Sizes larger than A1 will continue to be supplied with acrylic as they’re more liable to damage in transit. For the same reason, so will all frames to be shipped outside New Zealand. Acrylic will also be available in all sizes as an optional extra.  

2. We’re adding a few new mouldings and sizes, and also considering some “diptych “and “triptych” options designed to display multiple same-size prints in the one frame. 

3. We’re working on how to make selling our frames easier online. We’re refining the price list function in Workspace so that, if you’re selling frames through your Workspace online galleries, you can restrict the mouldings and mat templates you offer, as well as manage the paper and print options you offer, and set prices based on them.

4. Finally we’re in the final stages of developing an optional new Workspace feature called the “Print Shop.” It’s been a dream of ours for some time to build an eCommerce solution for photographers and artists who sell their work as decor or works of art, and we’re almost there. We can’t give you a release date yet, but it will be soon! If you're interested, and want early access, send us an email and we'll send out an invite in the coming weeks.

That’s it for now. If you have questions and suggestions please get in touch!

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