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We've made changes to the Workspace Client Gallery setting "Viewers must register" after some great feedback in our Facebook group, The Insider.

Until now if you turned on the "Viewers must register" gallery setting, visitors had to create an "account" before they could view a gallery. The setting was optional, and its purpose was to track who was viewing your galleries and to collect their email addresses. This change will make it easier for people to get access while still allowing you to collect those addresses.

Here's what we have done

We've replaced the original setting with "Require Email on Login."

If you turn the feature on, when people visit a gallery they'll be asked to enter their name and email address, but that's all.


You can turn on Require Email on Login for all your Client Galleries in Image Gallery Defaults (under Settings in the main Workspace navigation). Otherwise you can enable it for a specific gallery in its settings (accessible by clicking the gear icon).

To view the email addresses of people who've entered a gallery, open it, click the Information (i) icon and then "Gallery Visitors".

Please note, these addresses can only be used to keep track of who has viewed your gallery. You cannot use them to build mailing lists or other marketing without the user's express permission.

As always thank you to the photographers who're helping us develop Workspace. It's great coming together to design a platform that works better for you. And of course, if you have your own suggestions please email!


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