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I've just finished re-watching Barry Schwartz's Ted Talk on The Paradox of Choice.

He makes this very important point:

Too much choice produces paralysis.

Offer people too much choice and they'll find it very difficult to choose at all.

Yes, at Queensberry we offer a lot of choice! We know that. We do it because every photographer is different. And we agree, as Barry Schwartz says, that it can be difficult to get your head around.

But … if you want to sell products, you need to make the effort, not leave it to your customers. 

As our designer friend Donna says, to run a design store you need to be an explorer. Go look at all the stuff in the world and choose good things for your shop. Your customers will learn to trust you, and your taste, and know they won't be wasting their time when they visit you.

Here's what we believe, in bullet points:

  • Don't offer everything we do. Keep it simple. Choose what you like. Forget the rest.
  • You don't need to offer every cover material, page type, frame moulding, size, print option etc that you find in our range.
  • Cut back on minor choices, extra charges and fine print that only make decision-making harder.
  • Ask for the big decisions first. The details — frame moulding, album cover etc — can wait for a while.
  • Frame your conversations around what you want to sell.  Set deadlines and incentives to encourage their decision-making.
  • You're the professional! Be the expert, guide your client, point them in the right direction.
  • But you also love what you do — so don't hold back, express your enthusiasm.
  • Offer more choice when and if people ask for it, but don't make it your focus.
  • Focus instead on making it easy for your clients to say Yes.
  • And don't be afraid to reach out to us for help!
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