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Producers of books, albums and print products for photographers worldwide. All products are handmade in New Zealand.
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We’ve been thrilled with the response to the Print Shop launch — especially now it’s available on our super-affordable Lifetime plan! — and we love watching your stores go live. We’ve been talking with many users about how we can make it even better. As a result we’ve made a few design changes to elevate your store even more. Update 1: New store layouts We launched Print Shop with three layout options (square, landscape and horizontal). We've now introduced a fourth, a "mixed orientation" layout design — To View More >>

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You’ve twisted our arm — again — so we’re making Print Shop available on all our Workspace plans, including Lifetime. The point some of you made is a good one. On Lifetime and Basic Queensberry supplies the product — you’re making a profit on the printing and products, so do us a deal ;-) So here it is — the only difference between our three Workspace plans now is the data limit, and that you’ll need Pro to self-fulfill (offer products not sourced from Queensberry). Follow the link to check out Workspace and Print Shop. For a one off payment To View More >>

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Q: How do customers know what your images will look like on their home or office wall? A: Set up "display images" in your Print Shop showing your artwork in different settings. Q: Print Shop makes setting up display  images  easy, but how to create the images themselves? A: Stock Images are a great way to encourage sales by showing potential customers your images on display. Here we list five resources you could use. Whether you need a high level of customisation, or just an app to do it for you, there are options for everyone.  To View More >>

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When we first launched Print Shop in Workspace people asked, “How do I know which images will sell? And which products?” They're excellent questions — and yes we do have ideas about what works, because we print and create the products! But we can't generalise. Every photographer is different and so is every photographer's work and audience. You need to find what works for you. Let's be clear, this is not expensive. It's not like you're stocking a shop with stuff that might or might not sell. In Print Shop everything will be printed and handmade To View More >>

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The four-week New Zealand COVID-19 shut-down starts 26 March. And since announcing that Queensberry's production will be on hold for the duration we’ve had lots of people asking whether Print Shop will be available. It's obviously unfortunate timing, but the short answer is yes. However, order deliveries will be delayed. Print Shop functionality will remain active in Workspace, and we encourage you to continue setting up — not just Print Shop but also, if you haven't done so yet, your standard Image Gallery shopping carts. The shut-down of person-to-person To View More >>

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