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We have two Print Shop updates to set you up and inspire you for the holiday season!

1. We've launched the Print Shop Instagram account. Print Shop users sell their imagery (people, places, landscapes etc) as decor or works of art — quite different to portrait and wedding photography marketed to "the people in the viewfinder". This space will be dedicated solely to Print Shop and selling online. We'll share the beautiful work of the photographers and artists using our platform, spiced up with tips and inspiration about building and marketing your Print Shop. We'd love you to join us.

2. We've brought our annual Workspace sale forward. Our normal Black Friday sale isn't until November, which doesn't give you much time to set up Print Shop and your marketing campaign in time for the Christmas rush. So for the next week our most popular annual plan, Workspace Basic, is 50% off! Sign up with promo code PRINTSHOP50 and it's yours for US$50 instead of $100! Just one sale will cover the cost, which is a pretty sweet deal if we say so ourselves. Grab it now and start building your own Print Shop. 

To find out more about Print Shop, click here. 

Queensberry Team

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