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Black Friday and Cyber Monday are just around the corner — the perfect time to engage with customers and increase your sales in Print Shop. There's nothing worse than scrambling at the last minute, so start now so you have plenty of time to set up your store — and your offers!  Here's a checklist to make sure you're prepared.  Dates: Black Friday: Friday 27 November 2020 Cyber Monday: Monday, 30 November 2020 1) Decide your discounts / offers It is said that most buyers on Black Friday are looking for at least a 20% discount - but you can obviously get creative with your To View More >>

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How to talk about products? In a nutshell, in your own voice, with conviction! Let's start by saying there are three aspects to this: Talking about products. Sharing about products. Believing in products. Talking  about products We'll be brief because we've covered this in a separate article, about how to sell more without being  "pushy" or "sales-y". Photographers who  love  selling probably don't need our help, so it's addressed mainly to those who're shy about it — which is possibly most of us. In that article we discuss how to build "talking about products" into To View More >>

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The holiday season is a great time to run promotions — so your clients can have their  beautiful printed products under the tree for Christmas. The ultimate in personal gifts! But what's involved? This is our take on it, but of course it's likely you'll have your own. If so, great —  treat ours as a checklist. Maybe you'll find new ideas here, or a reminder of things you still need to do! And if you would like to share your approach we'd love to hear from you, so we can make this an ever better resource over time. First things first, though. The weeks are flying by and there's To View More >>

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There are lots of ways to make money as a landscape, travel, adventure, wildlife or fine art photographer. Shooting for a publication, for example, or selling through galleries or other commercial spaces such as tourist stops or cafes. Or working with clients to produce product or marketing images. Or décor for commercial or hospitality spaces. But over the course of your career you'll likely build a library of images that are yours to sell over and over again — if you could only work out how, without turning yourself into a shopkeeper! More opportunities today Today we're free to To View More >>

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"Micro-Weddings/Elopements/Minimony(s)." Whatever you like to call them, it appears smaller weddings are here to stay — at least for the foreseeable future.  How things used to be Many wedding photography businesses have been built on the premise that a wedding shoot lasts all day, that there will be "getting-ready" shots needed of at least one half of the couple, that after the ceremony there'll be family photos and a celebration to cover, and that in many cases a second photographer will be needed to fully capture the day’s events. Many photographers have built a career based To View More >>

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