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Producers of books, albums and print products for photographers worldwide. All products are handmade in New Zealand.
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15% discount on your shopping cart sales Is your Print Shop live? Are you one of the many photographers reaching out to past clients? Great! It’s the perfect time for online sales in Workspace, so we want to help out with a special offer. Until the end of June we’re offering 15% discount on your retail sales in Workspace. Offer applies to all  retail Print Shop and Image Gallery sales  of Queensberry products until 30 June. (The offer doesn’t apply to wholesale purchases in Workspace — but check out our ongoing  joint promotion!) How it works: Normally, to To View More >>

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Hi, it's Stephen here. For a few weeks now we’ve been in deep discussions about how to navigate the current COVID crisis and, more importantly, support the industry we love so much. So it seems a little ironic that, as part of those discussions, today we’re releasing a book called “Love’s Not Enough”. Ironic because we do  love  our industry, we believe love  drives  our industry, and yet … love's not enough. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD Anyone who’s got close to Queensberry and our family knows that, while we love what we To View More >>

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We wanted to thank people for their interest in our “joint promotion” and to clarify a few questions that have been raised. (You can  read the original here.) 1. A few people have suggested that, with no new bookings, there’s no point running a promotion like this. We do understand … BUT! Yes, our businesses are in hibernation — but animals hibernate so they can make it through Winter to Spring, and we need to do the same. Do everything we can to get up and running as quickly and strongly as possible. 2. As we said originally, this is about two things we To View More >>

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More, more, more! Here’s the latest about Studio Albums, Photo Fronts and Wrap-arounds. Scroll down for our annual New Year Studio Sample deal. 1. More goodies for Studio Albums Ok, you’ve twisted our arm! You can now order title pages and copy albums with your Studio Albums. (Title pages will be an extra charge.) It may take a while to update the resources, so if you’re ordering and don’t see the options, just write the necessary details into the comments/special instructions box. Please note if you order title pages and copies, this will add a couple of days To View More >>

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Blogging for your photography business can seem like a tricky and time-consuming task, but there are important benefits. Here are just some ways blogging can help your business grow.  01. Help people get to know you Your blog is a chance for clients to get to know you and your personality in a conversational and casual way. Talk about the things you love. That may be strictly personal, like how much you love travel (although everyone seems to say that!). If you shoot weddings maybe it's how you love hearing how couples met, and what they love about To View More >>