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More, more, more! Here’s the latest about Studio Albums, Photo Fronts and Wrap-arounds. Scroll down for our annual New Year Studio Sample deal. 1. More goodies for Studio Albums Ok, you’ve twisted our arm! You can now order title pages and copy albums with your Studio Albums. (Title pages will be an extra charge.) It may take a while to update the resources, so if you’re ordering and don’t see the options, just write the necessary details into the comments/special instructions box. Please note if you order title pages and copies, this will add a couple of days To View More >>

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Blogging for your photography business can seem like a tricky and time-consuming task, but there are important benefits. Here are just some ways blogging can help your business grow.  01. Help people get to know you Your blog is a chance for clients to get to know you and your personality in a conversational and casual way. Talk about the things you love. That may be strictly personal, like how much you love travel (although everyone seems to say that!). If you shoot weddings maybe it's how you love hearing how couples met, and what they love about To View More >>

Should you focus all your marketing energy on finding new customers? Maybe not! Generating extra revenue from the clients you already have can be simple, effective and very satisfying. This excellent article by Ago Cluytens explains a few ways to go about it, and in this post we're going to look at how to apply his ideas to your photography business.  As you're reading, ask yourself, "How can I add value for my clients using these strategies?" It's not about taking, it's about giving more than people expect. 1. Cross-selling "...the To View More >>

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Time is a valuable resource in any business, but especially photography. With that in mind, it makes sense to make the most of it, and to ask yourself, can I do things more efficiently? If I could outsource something, should I? Is what I'm doing even necessary? Here are four ways to optimise your time and make the most of every shoot. Photograph by Lauren Anne Photography Photograph by Lauren Anne Photography 1. Outsource Ask photographers why they got into portrait and wedding photography and they'll say how they love photography … or telling love To View More >>

This is the last in a series from Megan DiPiero with advice about how to build a stronger brand and brand message — to add purpose to your marketing, draw attention to your service, and ultimately increase sales. Click here for Parts 1, 2 and 3. Today Megan shares her opinions on marketing. I’m betting that many of you clicked this mentor post because you thought your question would finally be answered: “How do I get more people in?” In the past 6 years, I’ve created a six figure profitable business that provides To View More >>

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