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Here’s an offer we can’t imagine ever making again.

Workspace Basic for $99. For life. Offer ends Monday 22nd Jan 2018.

Think about that — you could pay your existing provider a subscription every year for the rest of your career, or act now and get photo sharing, blogging, and a sales platform for life.

What’s in it for you? Doing wholesale business with Queensberry on Workspace is free, but you need a paid account to use it as a platform to host, share and sell, whether products or digital downloads.

And Workspace means serious business! Our top users have been hitting sales over $150,000 this year. Our top monthly payout was over $20k. (We’re not sure what the customer thought was the best thing about that — the money or the fact we did all the work!)

Workspace is as simple or as powerful as you need. Whether you’re looking for a shopping cart, a blogging platform, a place to proof your albums — oh, just look at the feature list! — you can do it all, and do it in Workspace. And this week only, that one $99 payment gives you Workspace Basic for life.

We love Workspace. Give it a chance and we reckon you will too.

*Not that we've ever needed to enforce it, but a "fair use" condition applies; plans cannot be transferred to other users; changing plans voids the lifetime offer.

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