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Blogging for your photography business can seem like a tricky and time-consuming task, but there are important benefits. Here are just some ways blogging can help your business grow. 

01. Help people get to know you

Your blog is a chance for clients to get to know you and your personality in a conversational and casual way. Talk about the things you love. That may be strictly personal, like how much you love travel (although everyone seems to say that!). If you shoot weddings maybe it's how you love hearing how couples met, and what they love about each other. If it's babies, it might be Mum and Dad's love, or the little fingers and toes, or the cute props you use! Knowing what you warm to helps people to connect.

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02. Grab the opportunity to add value and solve their concerns

Chances are your clients will be worried about feeling awkward in front of the camera. Reassure them that you understand, and what it is you do to break the ice and help them feel comfortable.

Your portrait clients might be concerned about what to wear for their shoot to get the best photos. You know what suits your style and what photographs well, so be the authority on the topic. Let them know the best things to wear, and what to consider when choosing for themselves or their family (no logos, nothing old or tatty). 

03. Add a call-to-action

At the bottom of each post you could add a call-to-action so readers know what to do next. It might be to bookmark you so they can read more posts, or follow you on Instagram, or book a consultation, phone you, or email their questions (or all the above!).

They've made it to the end of the post, so it's an opportunity to encourage them with what you'd like them to do next, and keep in touch. 

Call to action using the button widget


Call to action using the button widget

04. Boost your Google rankings

Regular posts help search engines see that your website is active, fresh, relevant and up to date. Which means that people searching are more likely to find you. And when they visit your website, they too will see that your business is active, fresh, relevant — which helps create trust.

05. Share your posts on social media

Your blog posts give you something to share on social media, whether that be on Facebook, Instagram, or even Twitter. Choosing the right platform is another matter entirely, but make sure the content is appropriate for the platforms you use. Sharing content online, especially valuable content, makes you more visible to prospective clients. The goal is to create posts that your clients will want to share, which in turn, increases your marketing reach. Just make sure to structure your social media posts to encourage people back to your own website!

Oh, and keep politics off your business social media. We all know that social media can bring out the best and the worst of people. Start expressing politics on your Facebook page and you'll automatically turn off half your potential customers  — and vice versa! Most of us are pretty good people regardless of our politics but we need to get face to face to discover that about each other. If you're an activist for either side you may need a separate page!

Sharing posts on Instagram with "Link in bio"


Sharing posts on Instagram with "Link in bio"

Wondering how to get started?

Blog about your work, why you love photography, about the products you love and the importance of print. Blog about things you love! It will help your perfect clients find you. 

You can use Workspace to blog and share content. Find out how to get started.


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