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Written by: Koby & Terilyn Brown – Archetype Studio

Koby & Terilyn Brown

Our boudoir line is called J’adore, which means ‘to adore’ in French. Brides book a J’adore shoot to create an amazing, intimate gift to give their groom on the wedding day.

Imagine the groom receiving this album on the wedding day… Can’t you see the grin spread across his face when he opens this very special book? I’m pretty sure most grooms agree that this really is an amazing gift. Koby says it’s so much more than the bride even realizes.

But there is another reason that a bride books J’adore... It’s a celebration of who she is, a chance to embrace the body she was blessed with, a confidence building process with far reaching ability to remind her to be proud of who she is. We wish for every bride to be reminded how beautiful she is – and to celebrate that beauty!

Preparation and process

We put great effort into styling and planning. Our line is all about romance and beauty... We stay away from hotel bed glamour shots. After a style consultation we create an inspiration board. Once the general direction of the shoot is determined, we scout a location together and select the wardrobe. We only do boudoir shoots on location. Working outdoors is preferable, but almost anywhere with big windows and lots of natural light will translate nicely. The planning process often takes at least four weeks, and the total start to completion of the album will take approximately twelve weeks.

Our ideal client

Our ideal client is a bride with confidence. They know who they are as a person... and they know that sexy is sooo much more than a particular body type or shape. ‘Sexy’ is a celebration of romance, loveliness, softness and confidence, all rolled into one. It is knowing that it’s OK to laugh, and that no body is perfect. It’s being able to own and celebrate what makes you different from everyone else.

Advice for women interested in a boudoir session

Do your research, look at portfolios, and most importantly, do a phone or in-person consultation. There are absolutely no silly questions when it comes to boudoir photography. You should ask your potential photographer anything that comes to mind. Discuss inspiration photos and talk about the attitude you want your collection of images to convey. Clear, open communication is important. There is a delicacy to this line of work – and no two photographers approach it the same way. It’s good to know what to expect, and the best way to find out is to ask. And trust your instincts - a woman’s intuition is often right.

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