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If you're thinking about adding spice to your packages, consider Designable Q Books. Great for portraits, pets, engagement and much more. Here are a few reasons why your clients will love them as much as we do, and how to encourage profitable product sales from your next shoot!


Personalisation at every point

All Queensberry products can be personalised, but add a Designable cover and thinner pages, and the options are endless. With their image on the cover, their book will be one of a kind. And you have five standard templates to choose from.

More photos

Sometimes it’s hard to cull photographs – especially if you have thousands to choose from, as you might from a wedding. A wedding album typically holds a hundred or so images, but a Q Book Light with 80 pages could have five times that.

Modern and contemporary

Everyone has different tastes. Some people prefer classic and stylish, others modern and personalised. Thin pages and a cover image give the book a magazine-style look without compromising on quality.

For clients who want multiples

Affordable, but without skimping on Queensberry quality, Q Books are a great offering. If your clients want Q Book copies for parents and family you'll soon be able to order them with one click.


That sounds great. So how do I let my clients know about these amazing new products?

1. Order a sample

Samples are the number one, sure-fire way to sell books and albums. People are far more likely to buy something they can touch and feel. Your sample will serve as inspiration for their own book, so be sure to include a full wedding or portrait session (rather than your highlights). Check out our sample discounts here.

2. Photograph it

You’ve got your sample now. That’s great. Prospective clients will use Google and social media to search for photographers, and look at your website for insight into who you are and what you offer. That’s a big topic in itself, but in terms of product, you need to show what you sell. Dedicate a page to your book and album offerings. High visibility on your website helps set expectations in your clients' minds.

3. Share it

Now you’ve got your sample(s) and beautiful images, talk about how much you love the product you offer, and why. Show people buying products and loving them. Invite their comments on your posts. These work as reviews and recommendations of you and the products you offer … leading to more clients and higher sales.


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