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If you build your business on In-Person Sales, you have a huge advantage over competitors who can't — or won't — do the same.

Online is great to get your name out there, great to sell prints to friends and family, fantastic for high volume, low price print sales … but, for high-end sales, getting face-to-face with your clients, in your studio, is best.

In future posts, we'll talk more about sales strategies. This post is just about the benefits of buying Studio Boxes in bulk, by which we mean carrying your own stock of mats and boxes in the studio, ready to "just add photographs". 


Why bulk buy? Our Australian and New Zealand account manager, Rob Calvert, says: less stress, lower prices, instant gratification for your clients … and better sales! All good reasons to have the product at your finger tips. After that it's about how to make the experience more personal…

Here's how it works: Your clients come to see their photographs for the first time, they fall in love, they choose their favourites. You slip their chosen prints into the mats, and the mats into the box … and swipe their credit card. They walk out fulfilled and you go home happy. What's not to love?

See how to bulk order here, or read on to see more reasons why this is such a great idea! 


Freight? What freight? We ship our Studio Boxes freight-free. Plus, if you buy in bulk you can qualify for better prices and free studio embossing. Click here for pricing.


What about the extra prints? Aren't they a waste? What if they don't buy them all?

They probably won't buy them all, because you'll need to print extra images so they have a choice. But:

• How much will the extra prints cost you? Very little compared to the value of the sale; and

• They're not wasted anyway. Make them an offer they can't refuse! If they take your deal you'll throw in some extra prints. That will have far more value to your customer than the prints cost you.

Emotions and expectations

Make sure clients understand, when they come to view their photos and the products, that this is a buying session. This is not hard selling, just managing expectations.

Seeing their photographs for the first time will be emotional. More powerful than seeing other people in your samples! 

Walking away with products they're proud of will be a rich and rewarding experience that they'll tell people about. Word of mouth is invaluable marketing.


Watch this quick tutorial that shows you how easy it is to bulk order Studio Boxes and Slip-in Mats.

Here's how to set up and order prints for your Slip-in Mats.

See more about Studio Boxes and your personalisation options here.


Featured photography by:

UBER Photography, AUS

Koby Brown Photography, USA

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