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Evocativeadjectivebringing strong images, memories, or feelings to mind. 

When we released our Vintage leathers last month they clearly struck a chord. Were we surprised? Not really, because when we first saw them we fell in love. And to Heather, in particular, they felt like a return to our beginnings.

So ... what’s to love? The beautiful colours first caught our eye, but beyond that, they evoke such powerful feelings of nature, authenticity and, for Heather, who's our founder, memories.


Natural because of their earthy tones, evocative of distant, rugged landscapes, and the great outdoors that have receded too far from most of our lives — but which pair so well with the outdoor photography we see so much of in the Bindery.

Authentic in how they feel to the touch, and in their natural markings, which tell the story of the lives these animals lived. (Over time you‘ll leave your mark on them too — in the patina that will emerge in response to your touch, and exposure to the light.)

Finally there’s memory. As we’ve told before, Queensberry began in 1969 when Heather decided she'd like to make her mother — my great-grandmother! — a leather handbag — and in so doing discovered an affinity for leather that links back in time to her family’s art, craft and engineering genius.


That was long enough ago for Heather to have personally experienced the never-ending cycle of fashions and fads, from the earthy browns of the ‘70s to the pinks and greys of the ’80s and ’90s, and the more austere blacks and whites of the ’00s. From brown mats, to black, to ivory!

That’s why in a sense these earthy new shades feel to us like the wheel has turned full circle, even though the books and albums we make now are so very different. So much has changed, but one thing our albums past and present have in common is that we’re proud of them all. 

When we were asked to introduce more earthy tones to our album range, we were inspired by the possibilities. We spent months searching for the perfect materials, connecting with our sources, looking through swatch cards, debating different colours, changing our minds. Because one of the hardest decisions is always what to leave out.


But we kept coming back to these leathers.

So what is it about them that we love so much? I’ve already mentioned colours, textures and range markings; their beauty, elegance and authenticity. But beyond that is their provenance, from how the animals were cared for and treated as they lived their lives, to how the leathers were tanned.

We are building products for the generations, but we have a duty to sustainability and the environment today. There is more marketing double-speak talked about “leathers” and how they are produced than most things on the planet, but we want to assure you that we offer only the best, from the most trustworthy sources. You can feel proud of the albums you create with them, and walk the talk with confidence, knowing that these leathers are in every sense of the words vintage leathers.


Order your Vintage Leather cover swatch here and read about our 22 new materials here

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