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Queensberry-Heather BaughAt it's very heart, Queensberry began out of a desire to design and make beautiful things. In 1969, in Auckland New Zealand, with no money but plenty of enthusiasm, a young Heather Baugh decided that she'd like to make her mother a leather handbag.

Coming from a family of artists and designers, creativity was in her DNA, and she soon discovered an affinity for leather that led her to start her own handcraft leather business. 

Heather made albums from the start, and as the family business continued to grow Queensberry's partnership with photographers created a strong foundation. Today, every product and service under the Queensberry brand must stand up to the test of making life for the professional photographer simpler, more profitable and more fun, from beautiful products and presentation, to online hosting and e-commerce.

At the same time we never forget Heather's insight that we, with our photographer partners, are here to serve those "strangers in the viewfinder" by crafting their memories into treasured possessions that tell their unique stories.




Ian graduated with an arts degree so long ago he prefers not to remember. After teaching history for a few years he got involved in small boat design and construction, which led him to a foreign aid project building pole-and-line tuna fishing boats in the Solomon Islands.

Strangely enough it was there that someone asked if he’d heard of a little company called “Apple" making “computers”. His first purchases were an Apple IIe and a Morrow, which he loved because when it crashed he could go in and re-balance the books manually. In the early 80s he joined Heather in Queensberry, where these days he focuses on marketing and finance. Ian continues to believe you should do what you love for a living, and is happy to leave software development and herding cats to Stephen.


Director; Bindery Manager

Adrienne's first role in Queensberry was making gold edge pin hinge pages while in junior high to pay her own way to Australia for a holiday, and she has never let her parents forget it.

She graduated from Auckland University with a B.Sc. in Zoology and for a few years pursued her love of animals by working with one of New Zealand's foremost animal trainers. She still wrangles animals for the occasional film shoot, and her dogs are famous in her neighbourhood for their geniality and good manners.

In Queensberry Adrienne has worked throughout the finance, production and HR teams. She has a passion for team building and personal development, and honestly doesn't mind taking direction from her brother.

Adrienne Baugh


Adrienne Baugh





Sales & Support Manager

Sonya was born and raised in Queensland, Australia. She met Stephen when she was working in early childhood care and he was working for Xerox in Brisbane.

Sonya and Stephen returned to NZ in 1996 to join Queensberry and loved it so much that along with Adrienne they became part owners of the family business. They have two daughters, Alexandria and Charlotte. Sonya is a keen amateur photographer, and has a great passion for recording family images, and a vast album collection to prove it.

Besides running our sales and support team, Sonya has worked in production and despatch. She does mind taking direction from Stephen, but occasionally lets him have his own way.


Managing Director

From his high school days Stephen has loved business and computers. After university he worked briefly in Queensberry, where his biggest achievement was a big corporate sale that still figures in company legend.

Starting in 1990 Stephen spent seven years in corporate sales with Fuji Xerox in Brisbane where he developed a pioneering CRM package to help him manage a large, widespread territory. Not content in the corporate world, he returned to Queensberry in 1996 after marrying Sonya and persuading her to leave Brisbane's sun for Auckland's occasional showers.

With over 20 years IT experience Stephen is the driving force behind all our IT systems and software, all of which have been developed in-house. To keep up with his sister, Stephen is still trying to teach his cats to wave.